Travel – California Road Trip 2018

These photos have been shot on a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Yosemite National Park and back to Los Angeles. Over 3000 single files (120 GB, mainly video files) have been produced using a Fuji XT2, 18-55mm (2k mode), the DJI Mavic II Pro (UAV) with a Hasselblad lens (4k mode) and a mobile phone (2k mode). The trip was planned from October 12 to October 26, 2018.

Product – Exclusive Leather Goods for Dogs

Prothelis has developed a GPS tracker with a respective app, that can be used for pets – especially for dogs – that like to rove around. Never miss your dog again. For the innovative startup Prothelis I was entrusted with the product shooting for the dogs’ leather accessories. Shot with Fuji XT2, 18-55mm. August 21, 2018.

Miscellaneous – Some Personal Favorites

Shot with Fuji 6900z (2001–2008), Canon EOS 40D (2008-2018) and Fuji X-T2 (from January 15, 2018 on). In spring 2001 I got my first digital camera. One of the best prosumer cameras at those times has been the Fuji FinePix 6900z bridge camera, that produced an outstanding, unrivaled image quality in the dawn of digital photography. In 2008 this camera has been replaced by the Canon EOS 40D that was one of the last Canon prosumer cameras not ready for film making yet. 10 years later the EOS 40D had to give way to my new primary gear – The Fuji X-T2.

Commercial / advertising

Miscellaneous photography jobs for advertising and editorial content.